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La Ménitré


The village of La Ménitré is located between Loire and valley.

La Ménitré, a relatively young municipality founded in 1824 by the union of several hamlets dispatched between three nearby municipalities, is organized in a monumental urbanism, that’s unusual for an angevin rural village that cohabits with an old and qualitative architecture and one of the most representative example is the manor Jeanne de Laval. This urbanism proves the will to enter in the modern economical of the XIXth century.

It is thus between the Loire river and the valley that the village of La Ménitré grows up, due to the initiative of a young teacher, also city clerk, named Joseph PESSARD. In 1825 he designs the project of an unusual urbanism project, for villages in Loire valley: to build the city center between the church and the future city hall, in an orthogonal plan. This project was done with the assistance of a famous angevin architect in this time: Jacques-Louis FRANÇOIS said FRANÇOIS-VILLERS.

The historical way from Beaufort-en-Vallée became the axis of the plan, where the church will be achieved in 1837 and in front of it, at around 125 m, the city hall will be inaugurated in 1870.