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La Ménitré

What to see

Port Saint-Maur

Port Saint-Maur
Located in front of the old Saint-Maur-of-Glanfeuil abbey, Port St-Maur was at the beginning of the ninetieth century a village of 600 souls. The actual display dates from 1862-1870. It was an important sailing place of Loire at this time.

The city hall

Mairie de La Ménitré
Built between 1886 and 1869, the city hall is situated in front of the church, at the other side of the main place. The architectural entrance hall can be seen during working areas, including the collection of the local poetry Marc LECLERC.
Opening hours and days:
On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8:30 am to 12 am and from 2 pm to 5:30 pm.
On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 12 am.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste church

Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste
The church, of neo-classical style, was erected between 1833 and 1837. Saint-Jean-Baptiste church has received the “Welcoming church” label, for his architectural and historical interests.
Opening hours: from 9 am to 6 pm every days

The Virgin windmill

Moulin de la Vierge
This windmill was erected in 1841 by M. CHAUVEAU-DOUBLARD at the Pignon-Clan quarter. It was a post windmill, raised to catch the wind well. Today it is surmounted by a Virgin statue, in thanksgiving of the miraculous recovery of a menitrean woman: Mrs. MEIGNAN in 1906
It was one of the six windmill at La Ménitré

The Goislard windmill

Moulin du Goislard
This windmill built in 1808,appeared in La Ménitré in 1975. Before it was in the nearby village of Saint-Mathurin-Sur-Loire, few hundred meters away. It was sold by the VILMORIN seeds company to be transferr ed in front of their plant entrance. This operation has not been made easily, because the mill fell down during its transport. It has been partially rebuilt. It is a candle post type windmill.

The Queen Jeanne de Laval manor

Manoir Jeanne de Laval
This elegant manor, well named “Grenier aux rentes” (“the Private loft”) dates from the 15th century. It has been rebuilt by the King René d’Anjou for his second wife Jeanne de Laval.
Used as city hall between 1824 and 1870, the manor knew several owners whose transformed this domain as storages. Since 1972, it was the property of Vilmorin seeds company. It has been restored and today it contains an herbarium and seeds collection.

Visits are not allowed.